Video and a Table

by MW Cook

1st, here’s a neat video from Carl Medearis.

Favorite quote: “It’s okay to make sense.  It’s okay to make the good news sound like good news.”

2nd, I was preaching this weekend and I had one of those great moments when I was really shaken by what I was talking about.  I want to share a little of it with you.

In Isaiah 58 God is talking about how people fast in useless ways.  After pointing out how stupid a purely ‘religious’ fast is, he goes on to outline what a real fast looks like and what the result of real fasting is.  I chopped the passage up and tossed it into a table for you.  Check it out:

Proper fasting is when you…
If you do it, then…
  • Loosen the bonds of wickedness.
  • Undo the bands of the yoke.
  • Let the oppressed go free.
  • Break every yoke.
  • Bring the homeless into your home.
  • Cover the naked when you see him.
  • Don’t hide yourself from your own flesh.
  • V. 6-7
  • Your light will break out like the dawn.
  • Your recovery will speedily spring forth.
  • Your righteousness will go before you.
  • The glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.
  • You will call, and the LORD will answer.
  • You will cry, he will say ‘Here I am.’
  • V. 8-9
  • Remove the yoke from your midst.
  • Remove the pointing of the finger and speaking of wickedness (lit: panting, uselessness).
  • Draw out your soul to the hungry.
  • Satisfy the soul of the afflicted.
  • V. 9-10
  • Your light will rise in darkness.
  • Your gloom (misfortune) will be like midday.
  • The Lord will always guide you.
  • The Lord will satisfy your soul in scorched places.
  • The Lord will give strength to your bones.
  • You will be like a watered garden.
  • You will be like a spring whose waters don’t fail.
  • Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins.
  • You will raise up age-old foundations.
  • You will be called: Repairer of the Breach.
  • You will be called: Restorer of the streets in which to dwell.
  • V. 10-12

I love how the right hand side is so much bigger than the left!

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