Monday of all the plans

It’s Monday and I have a couple options. The first is the Garfield plan. This is when I stare at the ceiling, curse the day and the days that will follow, and grumble from one bit of forced labour to the next.

Or I could play along with Monday and its list of things to do. Fine, Monday, what do we have this week?

  • Prepare a presentation on Augustine and Caesarius of Arles due Thursday.
  • Write up a plan of study for the master’s programs I’m applying for.
  • Revise a chapter or two from the 12-years-and-counting fantasy novel which will either kill me or make me rich and famous.
  • Revise the short stories that will be sent into contests and other applicatory things.
  • Read all the books and all the articles.

There’s more. I’m sure of it. But I won’t get to see them unless these get cleared up a bit. What are you doing this week?