Uh oh

I miss my wife and kids.

Funny how that’s the only thought that seems to form as I try to get a blog up.

I always used to say that family life, while much better than single life, is hard.  I think I might have been wrong.  I’ve been alone for a week and it’s not nearly as fun as I remember it.  Nope, it kinda sucks.  You know those wild vacuums with the turbo cyclone thingys in them?  Sucks that much.

If your married and have a family, don’t long to be single again.  I mean, sure, your wife is probably not nearly as cool as mine and there’s no way your kids are as great as mine.  But still, the potential good that lies in even the darkest marriage seems to be so much greater than any other relationship, no matter how unique or crazy it may be.

Yeah.  So I miss my wife.  This post was originally going to be a top ten list of things that suck because your wife and kids are gone.  But it was getting too long.  And a little depressing, too!

But it’s all good.  She’s over there doing wild, great things for Jesus.  How can I complain?

Pray for us!

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