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Month: August, 2004

So, there’s this guy. This guy has a name. This guy also has a couple of rare and very important MP3’s that another guy wants. But this guy won’t give until he sees the following picture:

From left to right we’ve got Matt the Cook (me), Andy Mack, Phil Regamey, and Tyler Heasman. We were all part of the “Gentleman’s Quarters”, a.k.a., GQ. Yep, us boys were all room-mates together in year 2 at Bible college. All good, good buddies. This is a nice picture, yes? Now, bring on the music!

I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve done a decent post. I promise I’ll do one soon…soon.

The Cook

PS – Ender’s Game=Wicked Cool!

Surveys? Who writes surveys?

The Soundtrack to Your Life Survey

Make a soundtrack for your life, matching songs with the following:

Opening song: School of Hard Knocks – POD

Waking up: Like a Child – Jars of Clay

First date: We are the Champions – Queen

First kiss: Song 2 – Blur

Falling in love: Braveheart Theme – Enya

Heartbreak: We Ain’t Gonna Take it – Twisted Sister (Don’t know if this one applies anymore though…)

Driving fast: Greased Lightening – Grease Soundtrack

Getting ready to go out: Soni Soni – Mohabbatein (C’mon, you knew there’d be at least ONE Hindi song here)

Partying with friends: Unbelievable – Thousand Foot Krutch

Dancing at a club: Yeh Ladka Hai Allah – (or two…)

Walking alone in the rain: Downhere – Calmer of the Storm

Missing someone: Time in a Bottle – Jim Croche

Playing in the ocean: Free Ride – Audio Adrenaline

Summer vacation: Irish Music – Boondock Saints (Good song!)

Fighting with someone: Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Acting goofy with friends: Fhqwhgads – Strong Bad

Thinking back: If I Stand – Rich Mullins

Feeling depressed: I repent – Derek Webb

Christmas time: Carol of the Bells

Falling asleep: Song for Ireland – The Corrs

Closing song: Man of His Word – Bob Carlisle

There we go, another shameless survey post. This one’s pretty neat though, yes? Yes!

Over and out.

Note to self: Don’t let cat play on the computer anymore…

So I slept with a gun last night…

You see, we’re trying to quell this habit of Caedmon’s of jumping and scratching while we’re trying to sleep. So I keep a watergun by the bed to enforce some executive judgment on the little critter when he tries to stop us from getting the sleep we need. Last night was a little better than the one before. The cat now has a fear of our little orange gun…excellent.

My car is beginning to get back on it’s feet. The computer is being replaced as we speak, hopefully that will solve some of my problems. It’ll be weird owning a normal car.

There is a canoe trip scheduled next week, Ruth and I are planning on going. I’m not too sure where it is, but it’ll be a riot for sure. I feel like I haven’t’ canoed for ages…

Now, as my allergies overtake me, I’ll sign off, see you all soon!



meow meow…..purrrrr

*sniff* purrr


Say hello to my little friend!

So, the rumors are true, Matt the Cook now owns a cat; a kitten to be more accurate. Say hello to our new friend Caedmon. Cute, eh? Historically, I’ve always been a dog person, but the risk of a dog barking throughout the night in our little apartment building is just a bit too high. Besides, Ruth loves the thing.

For some reason the cat likes to crawl into the underneath of the chair in our living room – makes for a good picture though!

Funny story time!

Usually Ruth and I set our alarm clock for 6:30 – even though we rarely get out of bed before 7:00. Since we got this cat, I have not heard the alarm at all. When the cat wakes up (6:00) he takes it upon himself to wake up the rest of the family. So every morning at 6:00 we can expect a little bundle of fur, teeth and claws to be bouncing up and down on us and trying to get into the covers to nibble on our toes or something. This works out pretty good, actually. Unless, of course, he did the same thing the previous night until about 11:30 when we kicked him out (last night).

All in all, I think he’s been a good investment. He makes for a lot of fun and interaction. My allergies aren’t even bothering me!

In other news, I’ve been thinking about anointing my car with motor oil for a while. It’s been very ill. I think that I was never meant to own a normal car. It’s getting a brain transplant soon (new computer). Hopefully that will solve some of my problems.

Anywho, see you on the other side!

(other side? Of what?)

Matt the Cook

What must a man possess who possesses the Possessor of all things? – Savanarola

Ruth and I watched Braveheart the other night. There’s a man with focus, eh? A man gripped by one thing and one thing only. Unrelenting, to the point where people questioned his very sanity. This could be transmitted over to our Christian lives I’m sure. A single purpose, a sole reason to be. For Wallace, it was freedom from foreign oppression, for the Christian?…

Kinda funny, I seem to see spiritual parallels in a lot of Gibson’s films – Signs, The Passion (duh), Lethal Weapon (actually, not likely).

One more spiritual object lesson:

Ruth and I both enjoy Indian incense. I noticed that the cheap kind is very pretty looking and lasts for quite some time, but the smell’s rarely pleasant and it always messes up our sinuses. The expensive stuff, on the other hand, burns out quickly and looks rather rugged and course. Yet it smells wonderful and has yet to trouble our heads at all. The good stuff may not look all that nice or last long, but it’s good. The poor stuff may look nice and hang around seemingly for ever, but it’s quite bad. I guess we could translate that into spiritual terms in the words of Jim Elliot – “I ask not for a long life, but a full one.”

I’m in the midst of preparing for a sermon this Sunday. I’m trying to take to heart the psalmist’s words in Psalm 127 – Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain. Too often my plans are made and then I consult God on it. It should be the other way around. I don’t decide on a subject to preach and then ask for help; I ask what I should preach on and then seek help.

It’s a litte late (Ruth is already in bed) but I’m not tired at all. I’ve been like this the last few days. At night I’m full of energy. I feel like I should stay up and get things done. Maybe I’ll read and write for a while before bed. This is when my mind is most agile and focused, I feel like I can do so much right now. I wish that would transfer to the morning. It’s kinda funny – I’m really a night person at heart, and Ruth does good in the morning. Sleep is annoying, yes? Yes.

Some want to live within the sound

Of Church or Chapel bell;

I want to run a rescue shop

Within a yard of hell.

C. T. Studd (1860-1931)

Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. – Acts 14:22

I’m a silly dude. Silly and a little dumb sometimes.

I want something very great. This thing that I want has been sought after by many people throughout the centuries. In fact, this thing that I want is the most valuable thing that there ever could be. I want godliness. Every Christian wants this. Every Christian, in some measure, chases after this. We want it because godliness is what allows us to see and experience more of God – the greatest treasure. The reason that I’m silly and a little dumb is not because I chase godliness, but because I think it’ll be easy to get.

What does it mean that we’ll enter the kingdom through many tribulations? It means it’s gonna be a rough go! Nothing really good was ever really easy to get. I’m not going to get godly by sitting around asking for it. I’ve gotta get off my butt and get it. Christ says that if there’s something in the way, cut it off. I’ll have to give up things and take on difficult things if I want to get godly, yes? Yes!

Those are my thoughts as of right now.

In other news, AndyMack, MattyMack and I will be visiting our friends Caedmon’s Call on September 26th in the USA. Road trip and Concert, Rock On!

Grace to ya’ll and Peace,

The Cook

In the center of circle

Of the Will of God I stand:

There can be no second causes,

All must come from His dear hand.

All is well! for ’tis my Father

Who my life hath planned.

Shall I pass through waves of sorrow?

Then I know it will be best;

Though I cannot tell the reason,

I can trust, and so am blest.

God is Love, and God is faithful.

So in perfect Peace I rest.

With the shade and with the sunshine,

With the joy and with the pain,

Lord, I trust Thee! both are needed,

Each Thy wayward child to train,

Earthly loss, did we but know it,

Often means our heavenly gain.


Good words from the morning reading. Romans 8:28, yes? Yes!

Well, as with most Saturday’s this one started off relatively late, but it should be full nonetheless. Ruth and I just got memberships to Costco through GSA. So part of the day’s events should include a visit to that store.

I managed to finally finish The Bourne Identity. What a wonderful book. Don’t think you already know the ending just because you saw the movie. Consider the movie to be an entirely different story, because it is.

Well, it’s gonna be a short post today, maybe I’ll call back later tonight. Please have fun everyone, but don’t stay up too late!

The Cook

PS – Check out the new, up and coming Blog by Diane Ynema. The Daily Dutch.

Okay, so there’s two people that live in my house. One’s named Ruth and one’s named Matt. Check it out.

When Ruth is feeling well, she’s brown.

When she’s sick, she’s brown.

When she’s cold, she’s brown.

When she’s hot, she’s brown.

More or less, she’s always brown.

Matt’s a different story.

When Matt’s feeling well, he’s white.

When he’s sick, he’s greenish.

When he’s cold, he’s blue.

When he’s hot, he’s red.

More or less, he changes a lot.

So why, oh why do people say my wife is coloured?

Just an observation, that’s all.

So, the dilemma of many Christian people is the problem of the will and emotion. When it’s the middle of the afternoon or almost time for bed, I often feel good and ready to tackle the Word of God and soak up some good things. However, first thing in the morning, I’ve somehow managed to change my mind completely. Why is it that I find the Word of God so appealing at some times, yet I act indifferent to it at others?? I think that there are two answers to this. The first should be obvious – I’m sinful and anything that is holy is repulsive to my flesh. That’s always going to be a struggle (get the flesh, trap the flesh, kill the flesh. Bourne Identity ref.)

But I think that there’s another reason that I seem to screw up most mornings. A lack of steadfastness. Obviously I’m not going to desire the Word in the morning if I haven’t taken it into consideration the previous day. It would be illogical to even think that I could jump into the Word at any time without having some effort in preparing myself.

So, what to do? In addition to trying to get defrosted in the Book every morning, I think it would be wise to sit at the feet of Jesus ever night before bed. How great it would be to fall asleep with high thoughts of Christ in my head and to wake up with them again the next morning. The Christian walk shouldn’t be a sporadic, should it? No. In fact, not ‘no’, but ‘absolutely not!’ Discipline – it’s the price of freedom, right? On we go!

What did the writer to the Hebrews say? “You have not yet resisted to the point of blood in your struggle against sin.” Brothers, it’s time to let the blood flow.

Cook out.

PS – I feel like I’ve gotta confess something. For the first (and last) time ever, I succumbed to the pressure and used the WYSIWYG editor for Blogger. Forgive me! (You try getting all those colours together right before bed!)

now playing: God of Wonders – Caedmon’s Call

God of wonders beyond our galaxy

You are holy, holy

The universe declares Your majesty

You are holy, holy…

So, in keeping with the example set by Code and Andy Mack I’ve decided to do this silly survey. Also, because I can’t think of anything else to write…

Last Cigarette: First and last in grade 9 at E.L. Crossley Secondary School, many moons ago

Last Alcoholic Drink: I got a 0.5% cooler at Zehrs the other day. I’m not sure if that counts though…

Last Car Ride: The drive of the office gopher picking up lunch for everyone.

Last Kiss: WIFE!

Last Good Cry: Not sure, don’t know what the difference is between a good cry and a bad cry.

Last Library Book: Whew…uh…something about Puritanism in March

Last book bought: I grabbed three Be-autiful Qur’ans at a second-hand shop for $3.00 each. One for me, two for Ebay!

Last Book Read: Almost done The Bourne Identity (forget the movie! Read the book!)

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: I think that’d be Spider-man 2

Last Movie Rented: X-men 1.5

Last Cuss Word Uttered: Dropped the s-bomb while answering this question

Last Beverage Drank: hmmm….the coffee my dear Ruth poured for me this morning

Last Food Consumed: hmmm…the granola bar my dear Ruth packed for me this morning

Last Crush: hmmm…that dear Ruth I saw first thing in the morning

Last Phone Call: Some client in Norwich who assumes a virus on her computer is our fault and must be sovled without effort on her part.

Last TV Show Watched: I don’t own a TV…so…uh…

Last Time Showered: I shower once a week, whether I need it or not.

Last Shoes Worn: I’m wearing sandles right now, does that count?

Last CD Played: Unfortunately the speakers in my car are dead, so I can’t really answer that one with certainty.

Last Item Bought: A scrumptious foccacia bread sandwich, finger-lickin’ good!

Last Download: Probably one of those many updates required to rescue my mom’s computer from the brink of destruction.

Last Annoyance: The long wait while picking up lunch for the crew.

Last Disappointment: That I, in fact, am not Spider-man.

Last Soda Drank: Those coolers I mentioned up top were carbonated, does that count?

Last Thing Written: “Those coolers I mentioned up top were carbonated, does that count?”

Last Key Used: I was the first one in the office today! MY key opened the door!

Last Words Spoken: “none” in response to the question from Tom “How many viruses did it find?” (His response was “bull!”)

Last Sleep: hmmm….the sleep I had with my dear Ruth this morning

Last Ice Cream Eaten: hmmm…the ice cream I shared with my dear Ruth last evening (moosetracks!)

Last Chair Sat In: This lovely rolly-chair in my office. Good for sitting AND for transportation!

Last Webpage Visited:

That was fun…or something like it.

See ya later!

The Cook