by MW Cook

Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God. – Acts 14:22

I’m a silly dude. Silly and a little dumb sometimes.

I want something very great. This thing that I want has been sought after by many people throughout the centuries. In fact, this thing that I want is the most valuable thing that there ever could be. I want godliness. Every Christian wants this. Every Christian, in some measure, chases after this. We want it because godliness is what allows us to see and experience more of God – the greatest treasure. The reason that I’m silly and a little dumb is not because I chase godliness, but because I think it’ll be easy to get.

What does it mean that we’ll enter the kingdom through many tribulations? It means it’s gonna be a rough go! Nothing really good was ever really easy to get. I’m not going to get godly by sitting around asking for it. I’ve gotta get off my butt and get it. Christ says that if there’s something in the way, cut it off. I’ll have to give up things and take on difficult things if I want to get godly, yes? Yes!

Those are my thoughts as of right now.

In other news, AndyMack, MattyMack and I will be visiting our friends Caedmon’s Call on September 26th in the USA. Road trip and Concert, Rock On!

Grace to ya’ll and Peace,

The Cook