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Month: September, 2004

you know how people have a list of things they want to do before they die? I’ve crossed off like, four of them this summer!

So, how did the road-trip go? In the words of the east-coasters “Oh my crazy it was great!” We drove down to NY, had a wonderful time the whole way down, commenting on American customs and driving habits. We arrived at the concert in plenty of time and found a row of seats right up near the front, durn near perfect! We saw these fine people:

Play an AMAZING show! I can’t think of enough describing words at this point. Even though a few technical things were a bit screwy, they did a killer job! At this point of the story, I’d be satisfied with saying goodnight and driving home, having been to such a wonderful event. But, as providence would have it, the best was yet to come.

As Cliff finished his beautiful encore (acoustic version of “‘Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus”), I thought outloud “What are the odds of them coming back out and giving us a chance to talk to them?” The reply was “Not good”. Suddenly, we noticed band members coming out to take down their own stuff! All of a sudden a phrase popped in my head – “You’ll regret the cool things you didn’t do more than the stupid things you did do.” With that we went to the stage, dodged the security guards a bit and we all got a chance to talk with Cliff Young, the leader figure of Caedmon’s Call. At this point of the story, I’d be satisfied with saying goodnight and driving home, having been to such a wonderful event and meeting a wonderful man. But, as providence would have it, the best was yet to come.

Andy Mack then approached Cliff as I was finishing my talk and said the words that chanced the night: “Hey Cliff, could we get a Canadian road-trip picture with you?” To which Cliff responded, “You’re all from Canada? You want the rest of the band? Follow me!” It took a few seconds for the five of us to realize what had just happened, but once we figured it out we followed Cliff to the back room where the rest of the band was hanging out. So, we all got to hang with Caedmon’s Call for about ten minutes! Check out the picture:

Woo hoo! So let’s see, from left to right starting on the bottom row: Garett / percussion, Todd, Me, Luke (Road-trippers) top row: Josh / keyboard and organ, Danielle / vocals, AndyMack, MattyMack (More Road-trippers), Jeff / bass, Andrew / lead guitars, vocals, and Cliff / rhythm guitar and vocals.

Totally wicked-cool! We chatted, and it turns out that they’re real people! Cool beans!

That’s the road-trip in a nut-shell. I highly recommend this band to anyone who hasen’t hear of them. They kick more butt than a Jet-Li action flick.

So, I’m off to the great, white north of Temagami later on today. It’s gonna be great, a weekend canoe trip in October. Brr, what are we, crazy? On we go! Talk to ya’ll later!

The Cook

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,

The fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior

Are the children of one’s youth.

Blessed is the man

Who fills his quiver with them!

Ps. 127

Beautiful, eh? What warrior would like to be without arrows in a battle? I get increasingly tired when I hear people criticize our plans on having children right away. I think we North American Christians sometimes look at children the wrong way. They are not a burden! They are a gift (at least, that’s what the Bible says). They are not something to be avoided as a hindrance, but received as a gift from God. The first half of this psalm that I left unquoted explains how man’s actions are totally futile unless it is the LORD who ultimately wants it done. No amount of birth control or fertility drugs can change God’s plan, can it?

Don’t think that I’m a fatalist and think that you shouldn’t wear seat-belts or anything. I’m not even trying to convince you of my belief and convictions on birth control, I just wish people would stop looking at this subject with such a secular mindset. I have a very good friend who has been blessed with seven children. He and his wife wouldn’t have it any other way, yet he is criticized by many people for being ‘irresponsible’, etc. People seem to feel sorry for him because he has so many children. That seems really silly to me. If children are really a blessing from God, then this man is blessed a whole lot more than most!

So, if a day comes when Ruth and I make it to seven or eight kids, please don’t criticize us or feel sorry for us. Consider us blessed! They’re a blessing and a reward, yes? I realize that I’ve never had kids before and I don’t really know what it’s like, but that doesn’t matter! What God says is what matters. So wear whatever seat-belts and other things that you wear, but don’t think us stupid for not doing the same.

In other news, my cat is dumb. Yes my dear little Caedmon has been getting progressively dumber as the days go by. We are seriously thinking about getting rid of the animal. So, if anyone out there in bloggerdom wants a semi-crazy cat, gimmie a call! He’s yours!

And no, if my kids are crazy I will not get rid of them too.


What happens when you spell a URL wrong?

Quite simple, you don’t go where you want to go. I hate to be critical but I’ve gotta point this out to my bro the Mack before something bad happens. Your link to my blog reads, which, as you can plainly tell, leads right to nowhere.

I think I know why you did this! At first I thought it must be an accident, but then I realized that the Mack never makes a mistake. Everything he does has a purpose, an objective, and I’m sure I’ve figured it out. You’re out to get the best Blog on to net! I can see it now! You’ve sabotaged Jen’s so she can’t post anymore, there goes the competition she brings. You attack Gurr’s blog, that way he gets angry and cannot post as good. But those silly tricks won’t work on me, so you decide to mislead people. That way, they go to click on the link to my blog thinking “Hmm, I wonder what this blog is like, could it be better than the pontifications I’ve been reading?” and then they click and find themselves in Blogger limbo. Then they think “Wow, this Blog of Matthew’s is so inferior I don’t know why I ever left the safety of AndyMack’s Blog!” I see what you’re doing, but it won’t work!

I feel good after a nice rant and conspiracy accusation…ahhhhh.

In other news, my car seems to be back on its feet! Yeah, after getting the speedo-thinger fixed, it doesn’t stall and that convicting engine light stays off! How wonderful! Yay for me!

The Ever-Paranoid,


The cravings have begun! This week: food so spicy it’ll kill a goat!

We’ve got a beautiful Indian dish on the menu tonight! Say hello to Tandoori Chicken! This is our first time making it, we’ll see how it turns out. I can smell it right now and it’s making my nose run – that means it’s good!

Baby Update:

So apparently the baby is only about 1.25mm long (0.05 inches for you American folks). Wow he/she/they’re little! Isn’t it neat how God knits a little dude in the belly like that? Neat-o that we all used to be only 1.25mm long (or tall?). How kewl!

In other news: Open Theism is rather silly! Announcement to open theists – Quit it! How could I sleep at night if He didn’t know exactly what was going to happen to the kid?! It’s a good thing that God is in control and that He is GOOD!


I repent, I repent of my pursuit of America’s dream

I repent, I repent of living like I deserve anything

My house house, my fence, my kids and my wife,

In our suburb we’re safe and white,

I am wrong and of these things I repent…

If I only realized that this dream and others like it are crap compared to what God offers me. It’s like gorging myself on stale popcorn so I have lost my taste for the elegant, expensive feast going on in the next room. A fast from the ‘food’ this world offers is important. Whatever I feed will grow, be it my flesh or my spirit…


So, a few months ago, Matt the Cook was promoted to Matt the Husband. As it turns out, God has seen fit to promote me yet again! That’s right! In about eight or nine months I’ll step up to the position of Matt the Father! Yay!! Pray for us!

Dad out.

Sometimes I believe all the lies so I can do the things I should despise.

And every day I am swayed by whatever is on my mind…

Lies…I believe them because they seem so right. They seem so harmless and pure and fun. But they’ll leave me empty and angry. Thank God it doesn’t depend on my works or my faith…His grace.

I’m shifting sand.

Hey kids, Cook here…


check out The Wikipedia! I’ve been taken in by the great and powerful wiki. Check out the article on the Marwari, the people in the picture are related to me…somehow. What a neat concept for a knowledge base! If you know something, put it up! If you don’t know something, read up! Cool beans.


Actually, I’m not telling you here, maybe I’ll call you’ll soon…

Once again I give my apologies for the late posting, I never realized how busy real life is! I always thought that after getting married I’d have tons of free time. WRONG! All my teachers were telling the truth! College was EASY! (But less fun for sure). Good things are often the most difficult, yes? Yes!

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