by MW Cook

What happens when you spell a URL wrong?

Quite simple, you don’t go where you want to go. I hate to be critical but I’ve gotta point this out to my bro the Mack before something bad happens. Your link to my blog reads, which, as you can plainly tell, leads right to nowhere.

I think I know why you did this! At first I thought it must be an accident, but then I realized that the Mack never makes a mistake. Everything he does has a purpose, an objective, and I’m sure I’ve figured it out. You’re out to get the best Blog on to net! I can see it now! You’ve sabotaged Jen’s so she can’t post anymore, there goes the competition she brings. You attack Gurr’s blog, that way he gets angry and cannot post as good. But those silly tricks won’t work on me, so you decide to mislead people. That way, they go to click on the link to my blog thinking “Hmm, I wonder what this blog is like, could it be better than the pontifications I’ve been reading?” and then they click and find themselves in Blogger limbo. Then they think “Wow, this Blog of Matthew’s is so inferior I don’t know why I ever left the safety of AndyMack’s Blog!” I see what you’re doing, but it won’t work!

I feel good after a nice rant and conspiracy accusation…ahhhhh.

In other news, my car seems to be back on its feet! Yeah, after getting the speedo-thinger fixed, it doesn’t stall and that convicting engine light stays off! How wonderful! Yay for me!

The Ever-Paranoid,