by MW Cook

In the center of circle

Of the Will of God I stand:

There can be no second causes,

All must come from His dear hand.

All is well! for ’tis my Father

Who my life hath planned.

Shall I pass through waves of sorrow?

Then I know it will be best;

Though I cannot tell the reason,

I can trust, and so am blest.

God is Love, and God is faithful.

So in perfect Peace I rest.

With the shade and with the sunshine,

With the joy and with the pain,

Lord, I trust Thee! both are needed,

Each Thy wayward child to train,

Earthly loss, did we but know it,

Often means our heavenly gain.


Good words from the morning reading. Romans 8:28, yes? Yes!

Well, as with most Saturday’s this one started off relatively late, but it should be full nonetheless. Ruth and I just got memberships to Costco through GSA. So part of the day’s events should include a visit to that store.

I managed to finally finish The Bourne Identity. What a wonderful book. Don’t think you already know the ending just because you saw the movie. Consider the movie to be an entirely different story, because it is.

Well, it’s gonna be a short post today, maybe I’ll call back later tonight. Please have fun everyone, but don’t stay up too late!

The Cook

PS – Check out the new, up and coming Blog by Diane Ynema. The Daily Dutch.