by MW Cook

Say hello to my little friend!

So, the rumors are true, Matt the Cook now owns a cat; a kitten to be more accurate. Say hello to our new friend Caedmon. Cute, eh? Historically, I’ve always been a dog person, but the risk of a dog barking throughout the night in our little apartment building is just a bit too high. Besides, Ruth loves the thing.

For some reason the cat likes to crawl into the underneath of the chair in our living room – makes for a good picture though!

Funny story time!

Usually Ruth and I set our alarm clock for 6:30 – even though we rarely get out of bed before 7:00. Since we got this cat, I have not heard the alarm at all. When the cat wakes up (6:00) he takes it upon himself to wake up the rest of the family. So every morning at 6:00 we can expect a little bundle of fur, teeth and claws to be bouncing up and down on us and trying to get into the covers to nibble on our toes or something. This works out pretty good, actually. Unless, of course, he did the same thing the previous night until about 11:30 when we kicked him out (last night).

All in all, I think he’s been a good investment. He makes for a lot of fun and interaction. My allergies aren’t even bothering me!

In other news, I’ve been thinking about anointing my car with motor oil for a while. It’s been very ill. I think that I was never meant to own a normal car. It’s getting a brain transplant soon (new computer). Hopefully that will solve some of my problems.

Anywho, see you on the other side!

(other side? Of what?)

Matt the Cook