by MW Cook

Surveys? Who writes surveys?

The Soundtrack to Your Life Survey

Make a soundtrack for your life, matching songs with the following:

Opening song: School of Hard Knocks – POD

Waking up: Like a Child – Jars of Clay

First date: We are the Champions – Queen

First kiss: Song 2 – Blur

Falling in love: Braveheart Theme – Enya

Heartbreak: We Ain’t Gonna Take it – Twisted Sister (Don’t know if this one applies anymore though…)

Driving fast: Greased Lightening – Grease Soundtrack

Getting ready to go out: Soni Soni – Mohabbatein (C’mon, you knew there’d be at least ONE Hindi song here)

Partying with friends: Unbelievable – Thousand Foot Krutch

Dancing at a club: Yeh Ladka Hai Allah – (or two…)

Walking alone in the rain: Downhere – Calmer of the Storm

Missing someone: Time in a Bottle – Jim Croche

Playing in the ocean: Free Ride – Audio Adrenaline

Summer vacation: Irish Music – Boondock Saints (Good song!)

Fighting with someone: Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Acting goofy with friends: Fhqwhgads – Strong Bad

Thinking back: If I Stand – Rich Mullins

Feeling depressed: I repent – Derek Webb

Christmas time: Carol of the Bells

Falling asleep: Song for Ireland – The Corrs

Closing song: Man of His Word – Bob Carlisle

There we go, another shameless survey post. This one’s pretty neat though, yes? Yes!

Over and out.