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Month: June, 2004

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Notice the new design? Not really a new design, I’ve just found some time and ambition to fiddle with the HTML a little. Maybe more renovations in the near future!

So, you heard of this new Gmail thing? Lots of controversy about it…well..not lots, just a little. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s this new web-based Email made by Google that’s offering, among many other things, 1 Gig of Email space – no more need to delete messages! Microsoft, evidently, is unpleased. Some people have concerns over privacy, because Gmail targets and kills all ads by allowing a little program to have access to the user’s account. But if ya check it out from Gmail’s side, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Why do I mention this? Well, you cannot actually get a Gmail account unless you get invited. And you cannot get invited unless someone with an account invites you. And users have a very limited number of invites they can give out. so there are people all over the web scrambling to get one of these Gmail accounts and score a good name before they’re all taken. At there is a forum to trade things for a Gmail invite. People offer everything from a promise of a free dinner if you ever go to baltimore to the promise to act out any Star Trek episode on tape. I joined this little forum and offered a personalized letter in Urdu for a Gmail invite. Within 5 minutes I was invited to join the select group of Gmailers! Coolness.

So, drop me a line at I think I’m going to try and grab another sometime. Boo ya.


New Subject

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So I was cruising the web looking for a nice, refurbished comp to replace the fisher price model I currently have when I stumbled across a Dual Xeon for a mere $699! This caused the developers in the office to huddle around my computer for a while in respectable reverence. If only I was in to CAD or 3-D rendering and Linux and stuff…maybe then I could justify such a purchase. Oh well, just thought I’d let ya’ll know.

Well, that was a fun post, see ya later!


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Good morning fans!

Matt the Cook here, after a much-needed and long-awaited break. Well, the rumors are true, the Cookster is finally married! WOO HOO!

I must say, this marriage thing is really great. I mean, it’s got so many great perks! I’ll list them:… Actually…I’d better not…

Anywho, Ruth and I spent our honeymoon week on the beautiful Prince Edward Island. A wonderful place, though very different from my previous residence on Ashburn Isle. We sampled much of the fine red dirt, and even used it to dye some of our clothes (two socks and two shirts). We also were privileged to see the Charlottetown production of Anne of Green Gables, a wonderful play!

So, props out to all my faithful readers and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this silly little blog of mine. Be good, have fun!


PS – I need some help with the comments thing of this page…why doesn’t the word “comment” show up?

G’morning again!

Another day rolls by. Sometimes it’s amazing to stop and think about my present situation. I am amazed at two things.

(1) That God is so great in His creative and intellectual faculties that He is able to conceive of such an intricate plan for the universe that involves all of the humans throughout history. This brings to mind a line out of Fiddler on the Roof where Tevia bemoans his poverty and askes God “Would it spoil some vast eternal plan if I were a wealthy man?” The answer…yes! God’s plan is so intricate and perfect that anything different from the way God has planned it would spoil it. God has a wonderful plan, but that plan is not wonderful for every individual. Sometimes that plan is very hard for people. But in the end, it all works together for good.

(2) That God has chosen to bless me and make all things work together for my good (Romans 8:28)! Of all the people in the world, why would He pick a disorganized, distracted, sinful slob like me? Amazing grace, yes? Yes!

Well, the wedding plans are coming together, but I’m much less bright and oragnized than God, so the plans are quite a bit more difficult for me to pull off. But the days are steadily decreasing, and I’m getting excited not only to get married, but also to see good friends that I haven’t seen for a few months. Marriage will be fun, I’m sure it’ll be difficult too, but the best things in life often are also the most difficult.

Anyway, that’s all for this hour, I’ve gotta get back to work. I’m taking lunch off a little early to pick up a dresser I bought at Value Village. It wouldn’t fit in my little Civic, so I’m borrowing my brother’s car to grab it. It’s nice! I also grabbed a free computer desk from the side of the road yesterday, God is good!!

Pray for me,


Good morning!

So, it’s Sunday morning! This is the last Sunday I will have as a single man! I am incredibly excited to get married! Less than a week…so close.

I found an apartment last Wednesday. I’ve paid first and last, and I started moving stuff it. It’s a nice place, hardwood floors, new fridge, big windows. I like it, Ruth loves it! I am amazed at how time has travelled so quickly, but I’m not complaining!

Well, gotta go read and pray and then obey! See ya later!


PS – I’m getting MARRIED!! YAY!!!

Hello friends in the blog-zone!

Well, that apartment fell through, it’s a shame. But, I did what I could, God obviously didn’t want me to be there. So I resume the hunt!

The Internet was down here at GSA for the last two days because of some technical issues with Bell Canada. I never fully realized how utterly depended we are on this Internet of ours. I sat around most of yesterday with little to do because most of my service work is through the Internet on PcAnywhere. It was a little odd not having the wisdom and information of the world at my fingertips…But, it’s back online now, and us computer nerds are very happy with it. We gave the repair guy a Pepsi for his wonderful service. Thank you Mr. Bell Repair Guy…we appreciate it.

That’s all I got for now. Gonna go home soon. Ruth and I are planning on donning the Pakistani clothes and going out to Niagara Falls this afternoon because of the wonderful heat we are having. Boo ya!

So, have fun all, pray for me and for yourselves, be good!


G’morning all!

I think I have a pretty good lead on a place to live for the next few months. It looks real nice, the only catch is that I need to apply for this apartment, which means that I may not be accepted. BUT, God is in control of it all, yes? Yes.

I was reading Philippians 3:1 this morning. I was going to read the whole chapter, but I got stuck on the first verse. “Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord always. For me to write the same thing to you is not tedious, rather, for you it is safe.”

(probably not exact wording, this is from memory) Something really jumped out at me when I read this. Paul says that it is safe to continually repeat the command to rejoice in the Lord. Wouldn’t that mean that failing to rejoice in the Lord is dangerous? I think so. This exhortation came ate a good time. I’ve been melancholy these last few days, (except for the spurts of realizing I’m getting married soon). But I need to be constantly rejoicing in God! I’ve just been thinking about that today…good stuff…

“Oh Lord I give You all I have

But it seems so little

When You have given me so much

I come to You with empty hands

And a heart that’s fragile

You come to me with a wealth of love

Oh Lord your love

Is new with every morning

Your faithfulness

It gets me through the night

You bid me come

You know that I am weary

Your yoke is easy

Your burden is light

And now I sing You songs of praise

But your greatness is beyond me

I know I cannot comprehend

How You ancient of days

Stoop yourself to call me

To be your son, to be your friend” – Rich Mullins and Cliff Young

Yo all!

So I’m sitting here with my cousins Victoria and Samantha at my right. They were over with their mother and siblings for yet another bridal shower for Ruth. So many showers! I never knew that getting married would be such a lucrative endeavour! So much stuff.

I’ve not much to say today. Have fun all!


Namaste y’all!

Ruth and I went for a trek up to Gerrard street in Toronto today, at the Indian Bazaar. What a wonderful time it was! Ruth got some wonderful Indian jewelry for the wedding, including a neat little headpiece. We ate at a wonderful little Indian restaurant, probably the best goat curry and eggplant I’ve ever had! It was just a wonderful time walking around that area. The looks, sounds and smells reminded me of Pakistan so much! It was very similar, except for one or two main differences. (1) Much cleaner and less crowded and, (2) it was so expensive! I did manage to get a pretty cheap Qur’an holder though, pretty snazzy!

In other news…I’m going to bed. Church tomorrow, I’ve been tired the last few weeks for church because of some poor time management choices. Gotta get off my butt and get focused. “Stuff of earth competes for the allegiance I owe only to the giver of all good things!”

Beloved Saviour, let not me

In thy kind heart forgotten be.

Of all the plants that deck the bower,

Thou art the fairest, sweetest flower.

Youth’s morn has fled – old age come on,

But sin distracts my soul alone.

Beloved Saviour, let not me

In thy kind heart forgotten be.

– Abdul Masih (Slave of Christ), former Muslim believer from the early 1800s

I was just listening to a sermon by John Piper…check him out!

We’ve had the Bible in our language for about 500 years. As a result, there are many institutions built around the Bible, there are universities built around it, our very language and culture is influenced by the Bible. The impact that the Bible has had on our society is incalculable, and our gratitude should be endless…

But just think! Can you imagine if 500 years from now, a preacher in Pakistan or Afghanistan or somewhere like that would be able to stand up and say the same thing? If in five hundred years the Bible could have as much of an impact on a former Muslim country as it has on ours? Pray big friends, pray big.

John Piper makes you think, eh? I was just listening to his sermon “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable.”