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Month: May, 2004

Yo all, check out the blog by Andy Mack to see a balanced critique of my views on favorites.

Blessed are the undefiled in the way

Who walk in the law of the LORD. – Ps. 119:1

We’re so easily defiled. I watch a movie in the afternoon or evening, and for the rest of the night I find myself re-thinking the specific parts in that movie that are defiling. The movie shows a scene or makes a remark once, and I re-run it in my head hundreds of times. That’s just one manifestation of the problem we humans seen to have with deployment. But God offers us so much more! Blessed! To be blessed! That’s the goal of every human, isn’t it? What does it mean to be blessed? Happy, well-off (not materially), just all-around good! What the *&%$ am I doing fooling around with this silly, vain stuff that the world is after when infinite joy is offered me?

The funny (or sad) thing is that I’ve said this to myself and others many times before. I know this stuff very well already. Every time I put this into practice properly I do experience this blessedness I am promised. The sin living in me is so great! Even though I know all of this I still fool around with petty, shallow, defiling thoughts and words and actions, forsaking the One who’s offered me all the blessedness I could even imagine, and who died to bring them to me…

It’s so good that God is gracious…if I were Him, I would have struck me dead long ago…

So what to do??? I’ve spent so much time in wasted stuff…I’ve gotta commit myself. But how? Through plans and accountability…but first through prayer…

regimented Bible study and prayer times are helpful…

Well, that’s what’s been on my mind all night. It’s good to get this stuff out…thanks all, g’night!


Over the past week, Ruth and I have been trying to buffet our bodies in order to bring them into subjection, i.e., exercise (1 Corinthians 9:27). This started out with a quick, but painful, jog around the block every morning. Oddly enough, instead of becoming generally more active and fit and energetic immediately, we found that we experienced soreness and stiffness. So, after about three or four mornings like this, we decided to switch over to bikes. So much nicer! We went further and expended much less valuable energy. The only issue now is a bike for Ruth. You see, my family owns two bikes, both of them about the same size. They fit people like me, Dave and Steve perfectly, but Ruth is quite a bit smaller than any of us. That just makes riding a little awkward. Note to self – invest in bike for Ruth…

So we ate breakfast at Tim Hortons today, after haggling with the clerk a bit over whether I should buy muffins, we took our seat in the corner of the store and began sweet fellowship and discussion.

We can’t understand how people can have ‘favorites’ for everything. Like, people ask questions like “what’s your favorite food/drink/movie/whatever?” I have no idea how to answer that! I have no favorite thing like that. If you eat enough of your favorite food, it pretty quickly becomes less of a favorite, yes? And a favorite movie may only be a favorite if your happy, or depressed, or energetic. These things seem to be changing, at least for Ruth and I. My favorite song today may be “Thy Mercy” by Caedmon’s Call, but last week my favorite song was “Yeh Lardka Hai Allah” from the Bollywood film “Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham” (which I recommend to all). These things change, unless you have some special loyalty to a particular song or food or movie or whatever. Anyway, I realize this is pointless, it was just on my mind.

I’m driving down to the States tomorrow for some software stuff, keep me in prayers…


Things are getting pretty busy for Mr. Cook (me). Planning away at this wedding thing that’s coming up in a mere 24 days (YAY!!!). I never realized how much work this endeavor could actually be. Oh well, it’ll be worth it in the end.

In regards to that movie I mentioned last time, Osama…Wow…I gotta say, if you’re planning on spending your night watching a fast, fun, lighthearted film, Do Not rent Osama. Don’t get me wrong, though, I think it was a wonderful film! But it’s not an entertaining film. I can’t figure out if I recommend it or not, it’s a tough movie.

Friends are neat people, eh? I’ve visited with many people over the last few weeks, and when you visit with a lot of people it’s easy to see who your friends are. When you’re hanging or chatting with a real friend, you find yourself not bothering to look your best or try to impress them, they already know you’re screwed up. Real friends help each other to grow and are open and honest about their life and what they see in each other, not-so-real friends are usually closed off and unwilling to share their faults and struggles (either that or they’re too willing to tell you every thing that’s going wrong with their life, in a false-humility type of way). I may be rambling, but I’ve just come to appreciate the real friends that I have. No-one really has many real friends, and that’s a good thing…but it’s sure great to have a few. Thanks, friends, you know who you are.

Well, I’m out, see ya’ll later!

Have fun and pray more!


So, here I am at the computer with the Ruth at my right. We’re planning some wedding stuff and getting ready to take a break and pop in an eastern movie. It’s an Afghan movie called ‘Osama’. It promises to be one of those ‘issues’ movies that. I’ll post a nice little review when we’re done!

Oh! I forgot to mention, I bought my very first car yesterday! A beautiful Honda Civic! Praise God! He’s so good!

I’m kickin’ it up to the P-dot (Peterborough) tomorrow morning with Ruth for some marriage counseling and hanging with my good buddies. There’s also a good chance of some Indian food while I’m there! Boo ya!

Hey there sport’s fans!

actually, I really have no love for sports. I’m still trying to get a hang of this blog concept. I’m willing to bet that no-one’s viewed this blog at all yet, but I still feel obligated to write here. What does it mean to blog? Thus far this concept is beyond me…kinda like many of the grammatical rules of Urdu.

I know! I’ll get my good buddy andy mack ( to help with this blog thing!

Well, this is my first experience with Blogger. A little about myself: My name’s Matt, I’m 22 and engaged to a wonderful girl named Ruth. We’ll be married on June 19, Lord willing. We are both in our final year of Bible College, working towards a BA in Ministry (BAM!).

I’m not too sure what else to write here, but I’ll try to keep this consistent. Please ignore bad spelling and punctuation for now. The views expressed on this site do not necessarily represent the truth or logical thinking.