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So, here I am at the computer with the Ruth at my right. We’re planning some wedding stuff and getting ready to take a break and pop in an eastern movie. It’s an Afghan movie called ‘Osama’. It promises to be one of those ‘issues’ movies that. I’ll post a nice little review when we’re done!

Oh! I forgot to mention, I bought my very first car yesterday! A beautiful Honda Civic! Praise God! He’s so good!

I’m kickin’ it up to the P-dot (Peterborough) tomorrow morning with Ruth for some marriage counseling and hanging with my good buddies. There’s also a good chance of some Indian food while I’m there! Boo ya!

Hey there sport’s fans!

actually, I really have no love for sports. I’m still trying to get a hang of this blog concept. I’m willing to bet that no-one’s viewed this blog at all yet, but I still feel obligated to write here. What does it mean to blog? Thus far this concept is beyond me…kinda like many of the grammatical rules of Urdu.

I know! I’ll get my good buddy andy mack ( to help with this blog thing!