by MW Cook

Things are getting pretty busy for Mr. Cook (me). Planning away at this wedding thing that’s coming up in a mere 24 days (YAY!!!). I never realized how much work this endeavor could actually be. Oh well, it’ll be worth it in the end.

In regards to that movie I mentioned last time, Osama…Wow…I gotta say, if you’re planning on spending your night watching a fast, fun, lighthearted film, Do Not rent Osama. Don’t get me wrong, though, I think it was a wonderful film! But it’s not an entertaining film. I can’t figure out if I recommend it or not, it’s a tough movie.

Friends are neat people, eh? I’ve visited with many people over the last few weeks, and when you visit with a lot of people it’s easy to see who your friends are. When you’re hanging or chatting with a real friend, you find yourself not bothering to look your best or try to impress them, they already know you’re screwed up. Real friends help each other to grow and are open and honest about their life and what they see in each other, not-so-real friends are usually closed off and unwilling to share their faults and struggles (either that or they’re too willing to tell you every thing that’s going wrong with their life, in a false-humility type of way). I may be rambling, but I’ve just come to appreciate the real friends that I have. No-one really has many real friends, and that’s a good thing…but it’s sure great to have a few. Thanks, friends, you know who you are.

Well, I’m out, see ya’ll later!

Have fun and pray more!