by MW Cook

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Notice the new design? Not really a new design, I’ve just found some time and ambition to fiddle with the HTML a little. Maybe more renovations in the near future!

So, you heard of this new Gmail thing? Lots of controversy about it…well..not lots, just a little. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s this new web-based Email made by Google that’s offering, among many other things, 1 Gig of Email space – no more need to delete messages! Microsoft, evidently, is unpleased. Some people have concerns over privacy, because Gmail targets and kills all ads by allowing a little program to have access to the user’s account. But if ya check it out from Gmail’s side, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Why do I mention this? Well, you cannot actually get a Gmail account unless you get invited. And you cannot get invited unless someone with an account invites you. And users have a very limited number of invites they can give out. so there are people all over the web scrambling to get one of these Gmail accounts and score a good name before they’re all taken. At there is a forum to trade things for a Gmail invite. People offer everything from a promise of a free dinner if you ever go to baltimore to the promise to act out any Star Trek episode on tape. I joined this little forum and offered a personalized letter in Urdu for a Gmail invite. Within 5 minutes I was invited to join the select group of Gmailers! Coolness.

So, drop me a line at I think I’m going to try and grab another sometime. Boo ya.


New Subject

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So I was cruising the web looking for a nice, refurbished comp to replace the fisher price model I currently have when I stumbled across a Dual Xeon for a mere $699! This caused the developers in the office to huddle around my computer for a while in respectable reverence. If only I was in to CAD or 3-D rendering and Linux and stuff…maybe then I could justify such a purchase. Oh well, just thought I’d let ya’ll know.

Well, that was a fun post, see ya later!