by MW Cook

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Good morning fans!

Matt the Cook here, after a much-needed and long-awaited break. Well, the rumors are true, the Cookster is finally married! WOO HOO!

I must say, this marriage thing is really great. I mean, it’s got so many great perks! I’ll list them:… Actually…I’d better not…

Anywho, Ruth and I spent our honeymoon week on the beautiful Prince Edward Island. A wonderful place, though very different from my previous residence on Ashburn Isle. We sampled much of the fine red dirt, and even used it to dye some of our clothes (two socks and two shirts). We also were privileged to see the Charlottetown production of Anne of Green Gables, a wonderful play!

So, props out to all my faithful readers and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this silly little blog of mine. Be good, have fun!


PS – I need some help with the comments thing of this page…why doesn’t the word “comment” show up?