by MW Cook

Hello friends in the blog-zone!

Well, that apartment fell through, it’s a shame. But, I did what I could, God obviously didn’t want me to be there. So I resume the hunt!

The Internet was down here at GSA for the last two days because of some technical issues with Bell Canada. I never fully realized how utterly depended we are on this Internet of ours. I sat around most of yesterday with little to do because most of my service work is through the Internet on PcAnywhere. It was a little odd not having the wisdom and information of the world at my fingertips…But, it’s back online now, and us computer nerds are very happy with it. We gave the repair guy a Pepsi for his wonderful service. Thank you Mr. Bell Repair Guy…we appreciate it.

That’s all I got for now. Gonna go home soon. Ruth and I are planning on donning the Pakistani clothes and going out to Niagara Falls this afternoon because of the wonderful heat we are having. Boo ya!

So, have fun all, pray for me and for yourselves, be good!