by MW Cook

G’morning all!

I think I have a pretty good lead on a place to live for the next few months. It looks real nice, the only catch is that I need to apply for this apartment, which means that I may not be accepted. BUT, God is in control of it all, yes? Yes.

I was reading Philippians 3:1 this morning. I was going to read the whole chapter, but I got stuck on the first verse. “Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord always. For me to write the same thing to you is not tedious, rather, for you it is safe.”

(probably not exact wording, this is from memory) Something really jumped out at me when I read this. Paul says that it is safe to continually repeat the command to rejoice in the Lord. Wouldn’t that mean that failing to rejoice in the Lord is dangerous? I think so. This exhortation came ate a good time. I’ve been melancholy these last few days, (except for the spurts of realizing I’m getting married soon). But I need to be constantly rejoicing in God! I’ve just been thinking about that today…good stuff…

“Oh Lord I give You all I have

But it seems so little

When You have given me so much

I come to You with empty hands

And a heart that’s fragile

You come to me with a wealth of love

Oh Lord your love

Is new with every morning

Your faithfulness

It gets me through the night

You bid me come

You know that I am weary

Your yoke is easy

Your burden is light

And now I sing You songs of praise

But your greatness is beyond me

I know I cannot comprehend

How You ancient of days

Stoop yourself to call me

To be your son, to be your friend” – Rich Mullins and Cliff Young