by MW Cook

Any day now…

Mel Bee’s coming down today anticipating the arrival of a baby (notice it’s ‘coming’, not ‘comeing’. Compare with ‘hoping’ as opposed to ‘hopeing’). It’s hard to believe that any day now I’ll become a full-fledged father. Creepy.

I was speaking at Greenwood Gospel Chapel this past Sunday. What a wonderful group of people. Very friendly and very open. I’ve never received an ‘amen’ during a sermon at a Brethren place, but I got about 20 of them here. I left quite early (too early) so I had plenty of time to stop, read, pray and drink coffee on the way.

Unrelated, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how we present ourselves lately. For example, when I preach I tell people that the most important thing that they could ever do is make Jesus the center of their lives ad give everything up to follow after Him. I encourage them to remove the distractions in their lives and run after Christ. Then I go home and sleep and play video games. I suppose a lot of preachers do this. I suppose this is normal, but normal is rarely good. So if you know me only by my preaching, you likely don’t know who I really am. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t preach the way I do. Preaching should be based on the Bible, not on my own life struggles. It’s hard to be genuine because it’s very dangerous. We all talk a certain way when we’re around certain people. We change our views and our words based on who if listening. I don’t think this is very good.

I’m not too sure what I’m saying, but I know that I need Jesus more. I’m pretty sure that’s the answer to every problem I’ve had over the past 23 years.

Ruth and I are trying to memorize Ps. 16. I’ve got about three verses done, but it’s so beautiful. It talks about those who run after other gods and how they’ll never be satisfied with that. I think that’s where I am, I’m running after crap that doesn’t satisfy while calling others to follow Jesus. What I say is good, but my actions…miss.

Get up and try again.