by MW Cook

Coming Home…

You say you want a living sacrifice

Well I am a burnt offering

Crawling off the altar and

Back in to the fire

And with my smoke-filled lungs

I cry out for freedom

While locking and chaining myself

To my rotting desires

And I hate the stench,

But I swallow the key

And with it stuck in my throat

Can you hear me, can you hear me

– Aaron Tate

The crisis of the will. The natural man desires sin. The regenerate man desires sin and holiness. The natural man has it easy (for now).

What an odd creature the Christian is! He has tasted and seen that the Lord is, in fact, good, but he still loves to sample the sin he claims to hate. I look at the Words and commands of God and I get that they are all good and wonderful, but I ignore them anyway. Whoever thought that man wasn’t sinful in his uttermost being must not have known very many people (or himself).

I feel rather tired and discouraged right now. Not physically, though.

Gotta keep focused on the world to come and the God of that world. He’s the only reason for anything. ANYTHING! I need to get that into my head and heart. God is the only reason for ANYTHING AT ALL. All this crap in the world is worthless if it doesn’t help me get to HIM.

I’ve found a lot of blessing in my new Caedmon’s Call album. Two songs are hitting me in the eyes right now. Not the Land, and Coming Home.

This is not the land was promised me

Gotta get out of bed, get something to read

And I gotta feed my brother, not my eyes

If not, then I’ll be all I despise