by MW Cook

I’m just a stupid kid…

I got my fourth Caedmon’s Call album in the mail yesterday. It’s the Self-Titled one from 1997. I gotta say, it rocks my face off! A lot of familiar songs that I love and a whole bunch of new ones that I now love. I recommend it to everyone. I have one more Caedmon’s CD on the way, 40 Acres which also promises to rock my face off.

Today was the beginning of the celebration of Lent for all you Catholics and Anglicans out there. It’s called Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter. This is the day where traditional Christians think through their own mortality and sin and the forgiveness of God. I think that these old traditions can still hold something special for those of us who have separated ourselves from the mainstream denominations. A time of fasting, prayer and serious introspection will do good in every Christian’s life. I think Ruth and I will do a little something this year for Lent, but I’m not too sure what yet. I’ll need to read up on it a bit more.

Time to spin up some Bus driving action. See ya.

Cook out.