by MW Cook

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Good morning blogfans. Matt the Cook here with an update of sorts. So, it would seem that Blogger is kickin’ it up a notch in the realms of composing options. It actually makes me a little sad. I was very proud that I was using all these little HTML tags to change my template and colors and stuff. Now with a click of a button, I could do all that and more. Well, I must stand on my convictions and resolve to only use the Edit HTML tag when posting, and try my best to ignore the easy-to-use bells and whistles of the Compose tab…

I’m preparing for a little Bible study for next Wednesday. I’m using my wonderful little ESV to do it. I love this thing! It was given to me as a wedding gift from two of my closest friends. It’s got my name on it and everything! I’m reading through a passage in 1 John 5, and when I read it in my NASB a few weeks ago, I was rather lost. But the ESV clears it up quite a bit, without interpreting it for you like the NIV. I was just thinking about that…Not that the NIV is evil or anything like that. Almost any translation is better than no translation (except for that NWT…crazy folks those JW’s). I thank God for the NIV, but I do believe that the ESV is a better choice for English-speaking Christians.

Urdu has had a Bible for about 200 years now. It’s the only one they have and it is a kickin’ translation. It’d be nice if English only had one translation…if it was a good one. It’d be nice for everyone here to read out of the same Bible. But that could spark some controversy I guess. Which translation to choose? Well, I’ll cast my vote for the ESV and sign off. Be good and have fun!