by MW Cook

now playing: Thy Mercy – Caedmon’s Call

I realize that my use of the phrase “now playing…” is somewhat of a rip off of the andy mack blog, but hey, imitation is the sincerest (most sincere?) form of flattery!

G’morning blogfans!

So as I sit here in the relatively dry St. Catharines (yes, I spelled that right) I hear of a plight in the noble city of P-dot. I hear that my beautiful city is flooding with about a meter of water in some places. Wa…that’s a lot of water!

I wonder what it would be like to canoe down George St. today…

Languages are neat things, eh? I’ve been trying to learn Urdu for a while, kinda hap-hazardly, but trying nonetheless. I notice that when I’m speaking, if I can’t remember a word for some reason my mouth wants to insert the French equivalent. Why is that? It’d be real funny to say to some Pakistani “Salam, kya aapki topi dans hai?” (hello, what’s in[dans] your hat?). That just wouldn’t make sense! But, there are some exceptions to this! The French word for pineapple is ananas. The Urdu word for pineapple is also ananas. So, I could ask for a pineapple – “mujhay ick ananas cha-he-yai” and insert the French word without difficulty (except as I say that to myself, I feel a tendency to replace “cha-he-yai” with “s’il vous plait”…that wouldn’t do.)

So what’s the moral of all this? Probably none, except for my thesis, which I have proved (proven?) nicely. Languages are neat things. Maybe this unorganized way of learning Urdu is not too productive, maybe I should get organized (maybe that sentence has flown from my mouth a few times before). RAMBLING ALERT

Okay, I’m better now. To Andy Mack, I must say I had no idea that I was supposed to have a clock in the b-room, maybe I should get to one to avoid anymore late arrivals at work. Have fun everyone, sorry about the incoherence (or maybe I’m not being incoherent, maybe I’m just messed up enough to be able to write properly but not quite understand what I’ve written…oh well).

Peace out,

The Cook