Top ten signs you may be spiritually destitute.

by MW Cook

Adapted from a sermon last Sunday

You may be spiritually destitute if…
10) You sometimes find yourself hating something good.
9) You sometimes have a flashing desire to hurt people you love, especially with passive-agressive behaviour.
8) You fail to put up a decent fight against the imperfections you’ve found in your own life.
7) You feel a deep need to correct all the problems you notice in others.
6) When you try to do something spiritually, creatively or physically good, you feel a deep, nearly unconquerable feeling of resistance.
5) You have harsh flashes of anger toward the annoying.
4) You have a deep dislike for people who are not like you.
3) When faced with difficulty, your first reaction is not to solve, but to complain.
2) You cannot sympathize.
1) You have any desires, ideas or behaviours that are illogical and destructive.

It’s a good thing the kingdom of heaven is for the spiritually destitute, eh (Matt. 5:3)?

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