Broken, but still amazing

Harry Potter and Mr. Weasley were on their way to the Ministry of Magic. They were taking the subway. Mr. Weasley, a man not accustomed to travelling with non-magical people, stood amazed at the technology. For a moment he stopped dead in front of a ticket dispenser, awe-struck.
“Isn’t it amazing?” he asked Harry.
“But Mr. Weasley,” Harry said. “It’s broken.” He pointed to the out-of-order sign.
“I know, but still.”

I know it’s broken. But still. I know it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to work. Indeed, it hardly seems to have any use at all. But still. The ingenuity. The originality. The sheer usefulness of the thing. Though it does not work, yet I am in awe of what it stands for. Of what it could be.

I believe human nature is broken. If you really think about it, you’ll agree. We have so many destructive desires and tendencies. Yes we kill and hate. Yes we are ignorant and undiscerning. Yes we take and destroy and pervert. But still.

But still we are human. Still we are the images of God. Still we have his spark, his life.

Don’t get so worked up over human depravity that you forget to stand in awe of what we have been made to be. Yes we are, like Jeremiah said, desperately sick and wicked. But still.

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