Heisting the Maiden

by MW Cook

I’ve always liked Morgan Freeman. So when I saw The Maiden Heist in Blockbuster, I grabbed it.

Three odd security guards each obsess over a different work of art in their gallery. They spend all their time examining, mimicking and re-creating the art. So when the museum announces that their exhibit is moving to Denmark, they don’t know how to handle it.

After deciding they can’t follow the exhibit to Denmark, they come to the only other logical choice: steal ’em.

Sounds pretty dumb, eh?

But, on reflection, isn’t that the smartest thing to do?

For these men the world revolved around this one thing. There was nothing else that mattered. Everything was sacrificed for this art. So how could they stand back and let someone take them away?

They were unreasonable, right? It wasn’t their painting. They didn’t own it. What right did they have to demand it? What right did they have to take it? None, I guess.

But they were driven by something. Something gripped them and turned them into unreasonable men. And we all know that the world is only ever changed by unreasonable men.

Myself, I can’t understand the devotion to their paintings, but I sometimes can taste a drive for something. An obsession for Something. And I begin to realize that my attitude for that Something needs to be the same as the men in the Maiden Heist. No letting go. I’ll hold on to what I have even if it means I have to break every convention out there. I’m going to steal the maiden.

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