That All Men May Know…

by MW Cook

I went to the ROM twice last week. I feel like I could go a half dozen more times. If you’ve never gone I highly recommend it. On Friday evenings you can go for half price. And the crowds are really low at that time, too.

I wish I could go into detail about the amazing things I saw there. We started at the Dead Sea Scrolls. One of the scrolls on display was Psalm 121. Right beside the display there was a hidden speaker softly playing the voice of a Hebrew girl chanting the Psalm. After that went around to all the exhibits from the nations. We gazed at ancient wall-art from Egypt. We saw the magnificent statues of the Romans. We saw the art and beauty from the mightiest kingdoms of men; Japan, China, Persia, Africa, Europe and all other places where we dwell. And then we toured the Natural History section.

And we almost forgot about the art of Man.

Gazing at the ancient bones and fossils we felt awe. The marvelous gemstones took our breath away. What creativity! What beauty!

As we left we passed the hall that used to be the main entrance to the museum. Looking up at the ceiling we saw a beautiful mosaic with the words from Job 37:7 – That All Men May Know His Work.

Why do we have museums? Why do we glory in the natural and man-made marvels of the earth? So that all men may know his work.

I wonder if it’s possible to attach that slogan to all we do?

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