A Sober Celebration

by MW Cook

Last year, on October 17, Devraj Joseph was promoted. His body crumbled and his spirit soared, being loosed from the chains of death that had been pulling on him all his life.

In Pakistan we celebrate a loved one’s death anniversary the year after they die. So we’ve been thinking a lot about him and the impact he had on our lives.

He was a songwriter and singer. So in honor of his promotion I’ve decided to give out three of his songs. Download them!

Raja Yesu
This is probably my favorite song by him. It was originally written in Urdu, I think, but Devraj sings it here in Sindhi. The song goes, “King Jesus came / King Jesus came / In order to give utter peace / King Jesus came.”

Budho Sundayso

Hear the Message
Come into the presence of Jesus
To be rid of sin.

No salvation without him,
He will give you the water of life.
Drink! And quench your thirst.

He has the Bread of Life
Eat and kill the hunger.

Chaddo Jag Ji Mayo

Leave the world’s riches, wealth and possessions
There’s no peace found here.

Don’t trust in this world
Because this world is deceitful and small.

Yay for my father-in-law. Yay for Jesus

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