Another time

by MW Cook

I don’t usually do this. Usually, come early Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I am not blogging. Even though that’s when my blogs are published.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been pretty consistent with three posts a week for about a month now. It’s part of my regiment of discipline and my desire to never become…irrelevant. Did you know most blogs and most twitter accounts sit inactive, like cyber-space zombies? I think that’s because most of them were irrelevant to begin with. Just a bunch of guys talking about what they did that way in stale, common prose. Not really offering anything of value to the world.

I want to offer something. And I was doing pretty good at it, I thought. At least it had potential. So much potential that my blogs were all being posted a good week after they were written. Not only was I not struggling against a due date, I was ahead of the game.

And then this week started. Things are getting hectic. I’m preaching, moving to Toronto, trying a handful of other projects. So I’m typing this in real-time, and desperately hoping that it’ll be the last time.

But I’m going to be true to my resolve. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are blog days. If you stumble on this blog on one of those days and there’s nothing new, you have the right to kick my ass (or butt, if you don’t want to take it out on my donkey). Just give me until noon.

And in the future, I promise to make these posts more relevant and fun and all that crap that blogs are supposed to be.

Love ya.

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