Full of Crap

For the past six months or so my wife has had chronic back pain. Back when Joseph was born she had an epidural that the doctor kinda screwed up. So we figured the back pain was a result of that. Sucked, but there was nothing we could do about it.

And then we came to Canada and went to our doctor to get information on Ruth’s Rheumatoid. He ordered some x-rays and the results came back the next day. They actually pin-pointed the root cause of all Ruth’s back pain.

She’s full of crap.

Ahem. Rather, she seems to have been in a state of slight constipation for almost half a year. Her bowels were so backed up that it was causing the back pain. Now, since these systems seem so completely unrelated, we were hesitant to believe this. But the prune juice banished all doubts along with the crap. Her back pain is gone.

So I sat there and I thought to myself, what can we learn from this?

When you are full of crap, it’s going to cause problems. When you are not real or honest with yourself and with the people in your spheres, you’ll start to notice strange, seemingly unrelated problems popping up. And the only way to get rid of those problems is to cut the crap.

It’s hard to do. Especially in our religious circles, because without the crap we can’t put on a good enough show for people to respect us as much as we’d like them to. But it’s better without the crap. It’s better and, in the long run, easier to be who you are.

So take a swig of prune juice, be honest with yourself and cut the crap, whatever crap you may be holding. You’ll feel better almost right away.

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