Good times, good times

by MW Cook

I bet you’ve been itching all weekend to know how my anniversary went. Because, of course, you have no life of your own to get on with and you’re perpetually yearning for news on mine.

Well, I guess not. But I bet you like pretty pictures. So here’s a rundown of how my weekend anniversary part-eh went.

First we cruised over to the Science Centre, where Ben and Melissa were waiting for us (surprise!).
The Science Centre was neat…not nearly as mind-blowing as it was when I was twelve, but I was with people I loved, so it was cool nonetheless.

After bidding farewell to Ben and Mel, we went down to the Gladstone Hotel, the oldest running hotel in Toronto. Each room was specially designed by a different artist. We stayed in the Red Room (sounds too close to Redrum for my tastes…)

And the entire evening was a riot. Karaoke, Ethiopian coffee, good food, and a wonderful wife. Yay for happy!

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