Proclaiming #2 – Radical Intellectual Fidelity

by MW Cook

I heard a cool story the other day.

There was this university guy who hated all Christians (because all authorities hate Christians) and he was going to prove Christianity wrong by dropping a piece of chalk and letting it break (if it broke, God didn’t exist). But one student stood up and said that Christianity was right and he had faith (brave dude, eh?). So the professor laughed and dropped the chalk, but it bounced off his cuff and rolled safely onto the floor (proving Christianity true, Q.E.D.). So then the teacher got scared and ran out of the room (for some reason) and the student who stood up came to the blackboard and preached the gospel (and no-one minded because of the chalk). Oh, and the student was Einstein.

It must be true. Because it helps our case, right?

We are such gullible people. We Christians are willing to believe pretty much anything so long as it agrees with the principles of what we already believe. So we are willing to swallow obvious lies about Darwin’s deathbed confessions, computers that prove Joshua made the sun stand still, Einstein being a Christian and a fetus grabbing a doctor’s hand. Are we so afraid of Truth that we are willing to make up and blindly believe lies?

If we are going to show the world what we stand on, it will take intellectual fidelity. This is hard. This means that we will have to search and dig and stand on truth even if it seems that the truth we discover doesn’t actually help us convince people of the truth of Christ. But we have to do it anyway. We have to be committed to truth because the moment we start believe and propagating lies about Jesus being portrayed in a gay movie we are putting up a big sign saying ‘Hey! I don’t care much about truth or fiction. I don’t mind believing things I’ve never tested. I agree with things I like and disagree with things I don’t!’

Christians have complained about the fact that most people think there is a necessary conflict between Intellect and Christianity. They shouldn’t complain because it’s the actions and opinions of Christians who give credence to that opinion.

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