Up @ Night #2 – Jerks

by MW Cook

While the feeling I get when I encounter jerks is certainly different than the feeling I get when around spiders, I am still kept up at night by them. I’ve never understood them.

How many problems in the world would be solved if jerks simply stopped being jerks? What if every jerk turned into a nice guy/girl? Off the top of my head I can think of five pressing problems in my life that would be utter solved and turned into loveliness if the jerks involved turned nice.

Is it really that hard? Is it so hard to be kind? Is it so hard to stop giving in to your jerky tenancies and assume, for a moment, that other humans have feelings and hopes and dreams that you shouldn’t pound?

I guess it might be. And I guess it takes Jesus to fix that, right? So Jerk + Jesus = Nice Dude.

So why are most jerks I know Christians?

Of course, I suppose most people I know are Christians, so I’m not suggesting that there are more jerks in Christendom than out of it. But shouldn’t Christians not be jerks? Isn’t a Christian someone who lives as Jesus lived? Or at least tries? If that’s the case, then is it not impossible for a Christian to be a jerk? Love and Jerk do not go together.

Something’s wrong here and it keeps me up at night.

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