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Okay, so I did it.  I’m a twit.

I resisted getting into Twitter for a few reasons.  I mena, I really still have hardly a clue about what it does.  And it’s not like I need another techno-thingy to take up my time.
But I got it anyway.  I don’t know if I’ll actually be using it.  Probably not, I guess.
I get excited about a lot of new things that I use for about a week, total.  Remember that poetry blog I had?  Or the short stories?  Or exercising?  I used to do a lot…but I only did it for a week.  Fads.  Lots of fads.
Sometimes it’s good for personal fads to die.  I find myself drifting away from Facebook.  Probably not a bad thing.  But I drift away from things that I want to be permanent fixtures in my life.  Discipline.  Activity.  The good that I know to do.
So I’m a twit.  I have a truck load of good resolves, and I flirt with them from time to time.  But very rarely do they stick.  How do I make them stick?  Do you have any good resolves that you’ve managed to make permanent parts of your life?  How did you do it?  Let me know!

Another one

I just stumbled across another blog I like. Maybe you’ll like it, too.
The Art of Nonconformity.

In other news, I’ve got a few neat projects just starting up. What are they? I’m not gonna tell you. And it’ll probably be months before they’re ready. By that time you’ll likely have forgotten all about it. So why tell you at all? Because jumping the gun is one of my favorite things to do.