Are we so alone?

by MW Cook

I heard something on the radio that made me question whether western civilization has any hope for the future.

Apparently, there is a new pill out called the Good Day pill. What does it do? It makes sure you have a good day. It’s mood enhancer of some kind. They are marketing it as the solution to every stress and bad mood. Wtf?

Are we really this screwed up? Are we so stressed out, depressed, confused and alone that we need drugs to keep us going? If our society is actually going for this, then I’m afraid. I’m afraid that we’ve completely lost touch with reality. We are trying hard to evolve into an anti-social, anti-reason animal. We accept the dogma that we are nothing but walking mammals and rightly conclude that sensations are the only reality.

But we’re not just animals. There’s a spark inside us that longs for something greater. Longs for a kind of spiritual slight. Longs for a sight of the Infinite. Why are we willing to push that Spark aside in favor of medication? Why are we willing to take the easy road to feeling good instead of that difficult road to true actualization, joy and life?

but i don’t want medication
just give me liberation
even if it cuts my legs right out from underneath
don’t give me medication
i want the real sensation
even when living feels just like death to me
– Derek Webb