Something to say

by MW Cook

I stumbled across a few articles about Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who made that anti-Islam video that everyone was talking about for a while. For those who don’t know about him, basically he has been known for his anti-Islamic comments and this video that equates Islam with terrorist violence. Since he made the video he’s had a ton of death threats. And now two more things have happened.

First, in January, Dutch courts are prosecuting him for some of his anti-Islamic comments, saying “In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to… draw a clear line,”. Second, upon trying to enter Britain in February, he was turned away because his views “threaten community harmony and therefore public security”.

So basically, as I see it, it is now a criminal offense to criticize a system or a philosophy or worldview or religion on the basis of objective moral value. This is dangerous because philosophies and worldviews have objective good and evil in them.

The western world understood this at one time. During WWII everyone understood that views like Nazism were objectively evil and ought to be opposed. Today people are permitted to talk about the objective evils (or value) of systems like eugenics. But when it comes to a minority religion that has a history of violence, it becomes a crime to speak of it objectively.

This is dangerous because all of our decisions and actions flow from our worldviews. If I have a Nazi worldview then I will perform actions that are consistent with that worldview. And we can all agree that those actions will most likely be evil. Let’s face it; some philosophies are better than others. Some worldviews are better than others.

Who would ever say that Nazism is a neutral system? Sure, there may be some kind, gentle Nazis out there, but they are probably not following after true Nazism because Nazism does not allow for much in the way of kind gentleness, as I understand it. Nice Nazis don’t prove that Nazism is a good system. Just as evil Nazis don’t prove that Nazism is evil. Nazism (and every other system) is good or evil based on its tenets, teachings and truths.

And isn’t that what evangelism is all about, really? I read the Bible. I commune with Jesus. In Jesus I have found a worldview and a philosophy and a life unlike anything I’ve ever heard of. I am convinced that Jesus is the center of the True worldview and that any worldview that stands in opposition to Jesus is objectively wrong and ought to be torn down and replaced. Evangelism is me telling you that. Evangelism is me showing you how Jesus is the best thing to base every aspect of your life on.