Free Expression Assault Continues at UN Human Rights Council

by MW Cook

Are you serious??

Free Expression Assault Continues at UN Human Rights Council

How this could possibly happen is beyond me. And what’s with the 13 countries boycotting the thing? Wake up! If you boycott something all you are doing is giving it a clear path to succeed.

We do that all the time though, eh? When we hear a ‘bad’ movie is coming out like the Golden Compass, what do Evangelicals do? Boycott. No desire to learn. No desire to pull down anything we believe false or evil. No, instead we boycott. Easier that way I guess. But easier for how long?

Because the day is going to come when we wake up in the morning and find out that all the nasty things we’ve been boycotting are now running the world. They will be running the world precisely because we were so afraid of conflict that we just let them do whatever they wanted. Instead of standing up and condemning the ‘defamation of religions resolution’, we allowed it to go through. Instead of reading The God Delusion and pulling it down, we let everyone think that belief in God is delusional. So much evil happens if good people decided to boycott and do nothing.