by MW Cook

Study, study, study…

Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven’t posted in a while, I’m a loser, etc, etc.

A few updates from Cookdom. Ruth has been to Mr. Doctor a few more times and has gotten an updated due date for the little child. We are now expecting his arrival on May 20th (Instead of the 23rd). That’s exciting! We are now only four (4) months away from the due date. The days are going by faster and we’re getting more and more excited. Apparently these last months are going to go by very quickly (not quick enough, though).

Our dear neighbour, Stacy (who is a new mother herself) has given us some of her baby gear that her son has grown out of, praise God! We now have a car seat and a stroller and a small library. Yay for Stacy!

Our Pakistani friends have come and gone, thus went one of the most encouraging weekends I’ve had for a while. Special thanks to Ben, Beth, Hilsy and Todder for a killer (and productive) weekend. Next weekend our good friends the Andersons will be visiting and we can’t wait for that. Ruth was just saying that she would love it if some of our friends would just stay for a week and not go home. Friends are good people.

I’m trying to devote myself more to the guitar these days. Instead of an hour every two weeks, I’m trying the whole ‘hour a day’ thing. There are so many things that I’d like to do over the next few years and it doesn’t seem like I have the time (or discipline) to do them. I want to become proficient at guitar, I’m trying to learn Urdu, I want to saturate myself in God’s word, etc. My only problem is that there are rarely actions devoted to these ends. On we go, though.

Anyway, have fun everyone. I’ll see you soon!