by MW Cook


On December 14 I said that Isaac Watts wrote Be Thou My Vision. That is a blatant untruth and I don’t know where I got it from. Our dear friend Isaac did write such songs as We’re Marching to Zion, When I Survey the wondrous Cross, Alas! And Did my Saviour Bleed?, and I Sing the Mighty Power of God. To see a complete list of his hymns and poems, please visit The Cyber Hymnal.

-=-End of Correction-=-

This question was put to us in the last batch of comments:

I wish you younger saints with more living brain cells could answer the question you posed in your musings, why do we spend such a small amount of time on the things that will matter in eternity? It isn’t lack of knowledge – must be lack of desire? We are so double minded at times…

Although I’m quite sure my brain cells aren’t any more alive than the next guy, I think that we already know the answer. In fact, I’m sure that there are a few problems that we have that lead to this insanity of desire.

  • We, as Christians, tend to focus on the wrong things. We focus on the form of religion rather than the spirit of true religion. Often we are more concerned with the colour of the carpet in the Sunday school room or the order of events in the evening service than we are about spiritual improvement and refreshment. When we have this mind-set, truly spiritual things become less important to us.

  • Worse, deep down inside we just don’t care or believe. In fact, apathy about spiritual things and unbelief in them are the same thing. If I truly believed in the promises of God I would know that my life would have no better purpose and my joy could be no greater than if I devoted myself to the service and pursuit of God.

So what’s the real problem? I don’t value God enough. This is not news. This is no surprise. Every single Christian struggles with this (if you don’t please let me know). What’s the solution? Again, nothing new. Just the enduring, coronary pursuit of God through prayer, meditation, fellowship, etc. The more we know God, the more we love Him, and the more we love Him, the more we want to know Him. So, all we can do is continually re-dedicate ourselves to the Living God and fall on His mercy to allow us to hold on to that dedication.

Uh…pray more. Lots more.

Oh, and Caedmon’s Call is coming to Thunder Bay on the 16th of March! Joy!