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by MW Cook

What is the size of a large banana?

Well, let’s see…according to my dinosaur book, a T-Rex’s tooth was about the size of a large banana. Some books are about as long as a large banana. My keyboard is about 2 bananas long. BUT, the most important thing that I own that is about the size of a large banana is my baby! That’s right, according to one of our many pregnancy books, our new little friend is roughly banana-sized (18cm [7.2in]). Cool, eh? He weighs about 300g and is busily moving around and tickling his mother. (You may notice that I changed from calling the baby a she to a he. This is only because some mothers at my church looked at one of the ultra-sounds and claim that it’s a boy.)

Over the last few months Ruth and I have had many dreams about our coming child. Sometimes it’s been a girl, sometimes it’s been a boy. I remember one dream where I was a member of the X-men and we had to save my teenaged daughter from Dr. Octipus. We’re getting more and more excited as the days go by, boo ya!

This coming weekend promises to be a special one. The entire Pakistan crew is planning on coming over to hang with us. We haven’t had a chance to see them all at the same time, well, ever! I expect there’ll be a lot of Indian food and music going on!

Point to ponder:

Joshua was told to take down Jericho. Him and his 30,000 men. These men were not professional soldiers, they had no seige weapons, and Jericho was really big. Seems impossible, eh? Well it was! It would be total foolishness to attack a huge city like that and think of victory! Many godly leaders in Israel probably condemned Joshua of ‘not using the brain God gave him’ or something like that. But, sure enough, Joshua listened to God and Lo and Behold…the walls fell down and everyone (except Rahab and kin) DIED. Joshua wins. Something impossible to do was done, quite easily.

Joshua was told to take down Ai. Him and his 30,000 men. Ai was itty bitty. So small, that Joshua only used a fraction of his army to go get them. This looked like an easy, simple victory, not even worth the whole nation’s attention. Sure enough, Israel was beat here and some people died. Why did they lose? Someone sinned. Someone in the camp of Israel had rebelled against God’s commands and brought the whole camp down. Because of his sin, 36 israelites DIED. Joshua LOST. Something easily done, proved to be quite impossible.

The moral of this story? I see a few:

  • Impossible things are relatively easy, with God

  • Easy things are quite impossible without God

  • The church is a body, when one member sins, the whole body is affected

  • If God tells you to do a crazy thing…DO IT!

    The story is found in Joshua 5:13-7:26. Read it, does anyone see any other lessons/gems for us?

Okay, I’m done. Please pray for my son whenever you find yourself eating a banana (pray for the mother too).

Cook out.