by MW Cook

millions of dates, dates for me, millions of dates, dates for free…

I like dates…dried dates…mmmm!

Our Paki-partner Hilsy is sitting with us for the weekend. We went out to a beauty Indian food-place last night…yummy! We are all getting super-excited about getting over to Pakistan soon. It seems to real these last few days. It used to be a very-distant future, but now it’s just in a few months…how wonderful!


Believe it or not, Ruth found my CD! Yay! It was in the glove compartement in a different CD case. So congradulations to Ruth for winning all those candies I stole from my bro. However, since you’re pregnant I don’t think you should eat them. In fact, I’ll be giving them to your next of kin…me!

I love hindi music. We’re all listening to a hindi CD of the Psalms. It’s great! I love hearing God’s praises in another language, it always seems to add a trans-cultural effect to the worship.

Shawn and Hayley Cuthill and their parents were here a while ago. It’s so encouraging to talk to them for a few hours. It’s great to hear from like-minded people and chat about world missions. I really can’t wait to get out there and start the work! It’s so great to think that God is leading me, Ruth, Hillary, Ben and Todd, Shawn and Hayley and everyone else in His great plan. Whether we go or stay, it’s good to know that God’s in control of us all. Good things…

Cook out!