by MW Cook

I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former room-mate…

It is done. Ruth has seen the last installment of the Star Wars saga. The circle is now complete! I feel closer to her than ever before! Not only did she watch them all with me over the span of these last few months, she also liked them! Joy! We are now anxiously anticipating Episode III, hopefully arriving in May.


Something absolutely dreadful has happened! I don’t know how it happened…but it did! Someone has stolen my copy of Share the Well! Anyone with information leading to the return of this CD will be rewarded with a dozen of those little Coffee Crisp chocolate bars I stole from my brother’s halloween sack.

Ruth and I were at the doctor’s office a little while ago (which is a good place to visit if you are pregnant). Ruth was in there with the nurse and the nurse decided to try a little experiment. She hooked Ruth up to her little listening machine to see if she could hear (how do you see if you can hear…?) the baby’s heart-beat. She didn’t expect to find it (she was only 11 weeks in at the time) so I didn’t get called it. BUT, lo and behold there’s a tiny little lub-dub coming out of the speaker! Ruthie was giddy when she came out of there! It’s confirmed now, the baby has a heart! JOY!

So, Ruth and I have a few things on the go right now. I’ve received a package from MSC Canada all about joining up with them. I’m super-excited about it all! I’m also hoping to hear from Frontiers pretty soon. Things are moving nicely, please pray for us.

Jedi Knight Matt, signing off!