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by MW Cook

Hey kids, Cook here…

So, I’ve been asked for the full lyrics to the Jenny Farza song, here they are!

Mere zindagi kay malik tumhain mera shukaria

My life’s ruler, to you my thanks

Tum nay mujhay banaya, tumhain mera…

You have created me, to you my…

There it is, keep on rocking in the Hindi world!

Neat things have been happening in Cookland recently. I’ve just received my Pakistan Origin Card. This little plastic thingy grants me visaless access to Pakistan whenever I want, how cool! I can’t wait until we get to customs in Pakistan and they ask me “Why are you coming to Pakistan”, and I’ll whip out my card and say “I wanna!” … Actually, I probably won’t do that. Something about a security guard with an AK-47 just intimidates me.

It’s been a really good last few days, I’ve found myself quite a bit more encouraged than usual. Piper did a real neat thing on Isaiah 41:10. Go read it…now!

Okay, did you read it? Good. He broke up the passage into five pillars of fearlessness. We need not fear because God says:

1 – I am with you

2 – I am your God

3 – I will strengthen you

4 – I will help you

5 – I will uphold you

I like that, that came at a really good time for me…

I’ve been introducting Star Wars to my dear ruthie over the last month or so. I started on The Phantom Menace and went on from there. We just finished The Empire Strikes Back a few nights ago. It was the best one yet. Ruth found out for the first time that Vader was really Anakin (although throughout Attack of the Clones she said she figured he’d become a bad-guy). It was a wonderful experience, at first Ruth was convinced Vader was tricking Luke, alas, it was not so.

Alright, enough rambling, I’ll talk to you guys later, be good everyone!

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