by MW Cook

I’ve heard good people say, “There’s nothing I can do, it’s half a world away!”…

…Maybe you’ve got money,

Maybe you’ve got time

Maybe you’ve got the living Well that ain’t ever running dry.

In C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian there is a scene where the four children and a Dwarf are trying to find King Caspian’s base. They end up getting totally lost. Aslan appears to Lucy (the youngest) at night and tells her to follow him when he appears the next day. She asks if the others will be able to see him too, he says no. “But what if they won’t listen to me?” she asks. He replies, “It doesn’t matter, you follow me!”

Sure enough, the next morning Aslan appears to Lucy and she tries to convince the others to follow her as she follows him. Only one of the other children believe her, but all are forced to follow because she threatens to go off on her own. The whole trip the older children are criticizing her and saying she’s being very bad and arrogant throughout the whole thing. Slowly the other children begin to see Aslan, starting with the one who believed Lucy and ending with those who made fun of her the most. Aslan led them right where they needed to go.

Good parallel. Not that we’re ever above the advice and guidance of those around us, but it stands true that if we are absolutely convinced of the will of God in a situation, we have no choice but to go forward and do it. Lucy faced a whole lot of crap from people who were older, wiser and more respected than her, but they just couldn’t see what she saw. In the same way, anyone who really tries to follow the will of God will likely find him/herself being opposed by the very people who should be helping. In the end, the will of God is the best place to be, regardless of who is opposed to it, because He’s the one with the authority and the power.

All authority has been given to Me…

Ruth and I will be traveling to Missisauga and Hawksville soon for some presentations on the mission to Pakistan, I’m really excited about it. Please pray for us!

Cook out

PS – Jordy and Jenny! YAY!!! You da man JW!