by MW Cook

now playing: Piano Man – Billy Joel (jo-el? Like No-el?)

Hehehehe (devilish laugh)

So, Andy Mack, it seems you have uncovered my plan. I knew you would. I’m not worried though, soon and very soon you will see the light of the sound of the Hindi beats (light of the sound??). Anyway, I’ve made a breakthrough that the whole world can see. Andy Mack’s blog finally admitted to the value of Hindi tunes. The day will come, Andy the Mack, one day you yourself will readily admit to the superiority of the Bhangra beats and renounce the Folk underworld!

Anyway, I really like hearing languages. Ruth is talking to her father right now on the phone, and it’s real neat! Languages just interest me! Even things like ASL (hmm, I have Hindi CDs, but why don’t I have ASL Cds??). Ruth is forced to shout now, seems like the phone connection is not doing too good. I can hear her mother on the other line now, she’s a great lady! Really fun! I really can’t wait until I get back to Pakistan and hang with the in-laws. Soon and very soon…

Oh! In other news, check out Ruth Cook’s blog at She just started it, so read up and comment all you silly folks!

See ya later! Cook out.