by MW Cook

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Ruth and I just finished watching the movie “The Great Escape”. I recommend it to you all. It’s a war movie based on a true story about a POW camp in Germany. There was a massive breakout through an elaborate system of tunnels and 76 people managed to escape. In the end, however, more than fifty were killed and 12 captured. Only three escaped in the end. One man at the end of the movie asked “Was it worth it?” The answer was “That depends on your point of view.”

I think that we can draw a bit of a spiritual parallel here. We hear stories of crazy missionaries like Jim Elliot or Henry Martyn who die horrible deaths before they reached 30 for the sake of the Gospel. Or Theologins who devote their entire lives to study, study, study. Is it worth it? That depends on your point of view. If you have the view that the world has, then no, it’s not worth it. It’s dumb to die for Christ if your only view is to the world. However, if you’re looking for something eternal, then dying for Christ and devoting your life to Him is the greatest thing possible, regardless of the cost. The same could be said about the movie. Was it worth it? The goal was to screw up the Nazis as much as possible, they accomplished that, in that way, with a view bigger than mere self, it was worth it…These are my thoughts.

In other news, Ruth and I made some killer pizza tonight! Complete with hot Italian sausage, bacon, hot peppers, Frank’s hot sauce, etc. Boo ya, good times, bad gut.

Hmm, a post about God, war, and hot food. Have fun.