by MW Cook

now playing: Roop Tera Mastana – Kishore Kumar

Roop tera mastanaa pyaar mera dewaana

Bhool kabhi humse na ho jaye

Raat nashilee mast shamma hai

Aaj nashe me sara jahan hai

Haay sharabi mausam behakaye

Aankhon se aankh miltee hai aise

I remember the first time I heard this song. It was about a year ago, right after Ruth and I got together. She was making Curry for my family and I was fiddling around on the computer downstairs. I decided to look for some Indian songs, because I had never really heard any before. So I opened up my mp3 search engine and typed in “urdu”. A whole whack of songs popped up, so I quickly memorized one of the titles and went upstairs to see Ruth. I walked up to her and said “Hey Ruth, roop tera mastana!” It blew her Paksitani mind! It turns out that the phrase “Roop tera mastana” is a very romantic and eloquent statement kinda equivilent to saying “Your beauty is beautiful”, except more nice and pretty. So, to all of you trying to pick up Indian or Pakistani chicks, I highly recommend the phrase “roop tera mastana”.

In other news, I have just become the commander for the Awana club at Ridgeville Bible Chapel. I’m sure this will be a very helpful experience for me, a good chance to learn some more leadership skills. I’m sure it’ll also force me to rely on God quite a bit more than I am right now, which is always a good thing. God is good, and He’s very skilled at putting critters like us in stressful situations that are acually helpful in the long run. Praise God, He’s a really, really intelligent God!

Peace out, be good!