by MW Cook

now playing: The Old Man – John McDermott

I thought he’d live forever

He seemed so big and strong

But the minutes fly and the years roll by

For a father and his son

And suddenly when it happened

There was so much left unsaid

No second chance to tell him thanks

For everything he’s done

I never will forget him for he made me what I am

Though he may be gone memory lingers on

And I miss him … The Old Man

Matt the Cook here with some killer buddies from the P-dot. I’ve got Mel Bee and Ben Inglis sitting in our house – our first guests!

So, I’ve got these handy-dandy speakers with my computer, and when I opend the box I was very impressed to see 600 watts! Then I say the little letters beside it – P.M.P.O. “What do these letters mean?” I asked myself. Nevertheless, I was excited. Until I read the real specs that came with the speakers. Something like one watt per speaker and three for the sub. In the words of Strong Bad – “What the crap?” It turns out that this PMPO simply measures the amount of wattage that the speaker can handle before blowing up! Sillyness!

Anyway, I’ve got some of my good buddies down for a wonderful weekend of fun, fellowship and frivolity. I really love good friends, they’re…good!

Okay, that’s enough for today, read more, talk less, pray more and preach less. Have fun and be good!

Matt the Cook