A Clear Pool of Water

by MW Cook

The pool of water was supposed to be calm and clear. I was sure of that. How else was I supposed to see through to the bottom? But the surface bobbed with ripples from the pebbles that children had been throwing in. Misty sediment polluted my vision. It was a mess. And it was up to me to calm that pool down.

I watched the ripples carefully. Timed everything as best I could. Then I started throwing carefully-chosen pebbles into the pond to counter-act the ripples.

I know, I know, it sounds stupid to get rid of ripples by creating more ripples. But that’s where I’m educated and you aren’t. I’ve taken physics, you see. And I know how to use waves to annihilate waves.


I’m pretty sure I disassembled the waves caused by those stupid kids. But maybe I over-compensated a bit with my own pebbles, because there was still distortion. But I still figured the best thing was to fight fire with fire. I examined and thought and manipulated and threw more pebbles.

I’m still throwing pebbles, and I think I’m making progress. But I can’t stand the asshat in the next pool.

His pool was wavy and clouded, too. More so than mine, if you ask me. But instead of doing the hard work, instead of fixing it the honest way, he just sat there.

And watched.
As the ripples fell away.
And his pond turned clear and serene.