Crazy Horse

Jesus was having dinner one day when he decided to rip up some of the religious and political practices of his hosts. When a lawyer who was watching mentioned that his talk was kinda insulting. Jesus turned to him, then, and started laying into him and his kind, blaming him for the murders of all the ancient prophets.

Seems a bit unfair, eh? I mean, how did this lawyer have anything to do with the deaths of prophets hundreds of years ago? It sounds kinda like how some bands charge us western folks for the murder of the Natives and all the various crimes of our forefathers. Unreasonable, eh?

Or maybe not. Jesus seemed to suggest that the lawyer was guilty of those murders because he was living in a way that denied the message of the prophets. He was looking at their messages in a scholastic, unfeeling way. A way that denied the life in the message, and only accepted the words. In a similar situation, he would not have acted much differently from his ancestors.

And what about me and the modern Christians I represent? Some modern media charges me with the murder of Crazy Horse. Legit?

  • I buy things from stores that oppress their workers oversea.
  • I see extreme poverty, have excess of food, and do not alleviate.
  • I care little for floods and earthquakes in Asia, but I was glued to the TV for the minor quake in Canada.
  • I care more whether or not two men can marry than I do about the 50,000 people who died of hunger yesterday.

How can I deny it?

The way I live shows no remorse.
For the day, the day we killed Crazy Horse.